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Ghaziabad : A major town that features of its 30% natural buckle might get a impolite surprise as a newest research has exposed that Sub- terranean harmful termites are consuming into many trees , vegetation and plants, harmful their expereince of living in some places of Ghaziabad town. Complete Number of trees in Ghaziabad are regularly reducing from it’s unique wide range of 14.31 lakhs in season 2001. As such it is the need of the time that government. creates honest initiatives for Insect Therapy in Ghaziabad.

Ghaziabad is known for its lavish natural protect. Some of the trees here are over the age of 90 decades and have experienced the modification of Ghaziabad from an farming area to tangible forest and tall structures. However, according to a Haryana Agricultura School over 39% of trees in Ghaziabad are under strike by sub terranean harmful termites.

The research, performed by Woodlands Survey of Indian , Northern Area, says that most of the trees along , Arjun Marg, Akashneem Marg, Amaltaas Marg and jacaranda Marg of DLF place of Ghaziabad are infested by harmful termites. In reality, the DLF ,Sushant Lok and Southern City places of Ghaziabad have already missing significant wide range of trees to harmful termites strike and many more trees are about to failure due to termite strike. To complicate things, the research alerts that a lot of trees trees, are already broken by Insect strike and are are appearing a risk to lifestyles of individuals and adjacent personal structures.

The most severe impacted shrub varieties are Juliflora, Acacia Nilotica (Babul and Keekar), Eucalyptus(safeeda) and Azadirachta indica (Neem). The research says 37% trees in Tennis course, Sohna street and extention have been broken by harmful termites in the lack of any security from harmful termites. It also says that most of the termite impacted trees are on MG street . Many fruits keeping trees and other wide range of vegetation is also impacted by this small animal having insatiable hunger for timber and for anything with cellulose. Besides, many different kinds of trees are also bending ahead on roadsides, considered down by termite strike.

A mature official from Woodlands Survey of Indian , Northen Area said, ” Sub-terranean Termites have contaminated a great wide range of trees in Ghaziabad and New Ghaziabad place. City was designed on farming area and which creates trees here vulnerable to all kinds of termite strike.

Many trees around Udyog Vihar, Old Ghaziabad , Sector-9, Sector-10 Sector-11 are also termite contaminated.He further included that appropriate and appropriate activity is needed to secure and protect the trees by using appropriate anti-termite substance.” If the unique circumstances is able to continues and no activity is taken , these trees will hardly endure another 10-15 decades. Eco-friendly and non-toxic termite management actions should be implemented to secure Ghaziabad trees from these dangerous animals .These can be obtained by growing termite proof varities of trees like natures neem trees or using aloevera. Insect hives prevelent under the trees can further combination invade homes when the termite infested origins of shrub goes under the base of a home.

For more details on harmful termites disease and termite management of vegetation and trees in your location. We are specialized in challenge Stop termite treatments for Orchards, Landscapes, Farmhouses, Green Houses, or any other kind of Vegetation. Contact Investment pest Control (India) any where in Delhi, Ghaziabad and Noida @ 9582371549 or sign in at

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